Hamilton Heights was founded in 1998 as a Christian high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, under the ministry of Hickory Valley Community Church. In the Spring of 2006, Hamilton Heights was granted full accreditation from the Association of Chistian Schools (ACSI). In the Winter of 2007, Hamilton Heigths was granted full acreedidation from the Southern Association of Collegebes and Schools (SACS, now Cognia). The school expanded from using classrooms within the church to becoming incorporated, separating from the church completing, and into a new property, including athletic and academic facilities. In 2009, Hamilton Heights began working with SEVIS and received its SEVP-Certified status for F1 international students. 
Hamilton Heights has graduated over 700 students with since its founding. Since 2009, the school has welcomed over 150 international students, representing 20 different countries. Hamilton Heights also prides itself with  exceptional athletic programs, including nationally recongized Men and Lady's basketball teams. Hamilton Heights also offers an abundance of extra-curriculuar activities including clubs, community service opportunities, and other events throughout the year. 
Hamilton Heights students have received over $100 million in scholarships from 2-year and 4-year accredited colleges and universities. In 2020, over $15 million in scholarships were offered to the 2020 graduating class. 


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