College and Career Planning


Hamilton Heights provides the Internet-based Edamerica® College & Career Planning System to help our students discover their career interests, skills, and work values. The system relates the results of three brief assessments to occupational information and provides an electronic career portfolio that may be accessed online at any time.

The system is customized to meet the needs of Tennessee students; presenting links to job opportunities, postsecondary options, and financial aid information within the state.  With this information, career exploration becomes more exciting and helps your child to better understand what possibilities he/she has to consider. 

Below is a brief introduction to the system components:

Kuder® Electronic Career Portfolio: Lifelong career portfolio to record career development activities, educational background, special skills, career goals, and more.  Key information is automatically transferred to a professional resume to use when applying for educational courses, scholarships, or jobs.

Kuder® Career Search with Person Match (interest inventory): Scientifically helps the student discover their career interests by measuring the everyday activities that they enjoy most.  Results are presented in rank order of career cluster preference and include a listing of occupations within each cluster. The student’s preferences are compared to a database of over 2,000 individuals working in today's occupations.  Occupational bios are presented for the 14 closest matches the student’s top two clusters.

Kuder® Skills Assessment: This assessment is a highly reliable self-estimate of an individual’s ability to perform various work-related tasks. The career clusters are reported in rank order. The skills results parallel the interest results, promoting occupation selection with the greatest opportunity for satisfaction and success.

Super’s Work Values Inventory®-revised: Helps the students discover the characteristics and features of occupations that are most important to them.  The results refine a potentially long list of occupational choices by narrowing research to occupations that satisfy the student’s work values.

The Internet-based format supports technology-based learning in the school and enhances student proficiency on the computer.  The online system provides student assessment results immediately and gives parents additional opportunities for involvement.

All students are encouraged to show parents their report on the Internet so that parents and student review the results together.  Student are provided an online area in which they may begin to build their portfolio for post-high school opportunities.  

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