The Bible Curriculum at Hamilton Heights is designed to give our students an understanding of Biblical truths. Taught from a non-denominational perspective, each course is designed to give an intelligent and accurate over-view of a Biblical Worldview.
The Bible curriculum consists of the following courses:
The Life of Christ: A study of the life of Christ as described in the Gospel of John, designed to help students develop not only a deeper knowledge of Christ, but also a deeper relationship with Him. The Life of Christ examines the ministry and work of God’s Son within Israel’s historical and geographical context
Behold Your God: By presenting the Bible as God’s self-revelation, this course explores the character and work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Students will explore what it means to know and love God, as well as discover reasons to follow and serve Him.
Proverbs: Understanding that Biblical wisdom is the source of true wisdom, this course will help students explore how they can, with God’s help, apply His wisdom in each decision through high school and beyond.
Religions of the World: This course consists of two key components: 1) An exploration and comparison of four major world religions with Christianity; and, 2) Key issues in effective debate using contemporary issues.

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