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One of the purposes of existence for Hamilton Heights is to provide a quality academic environment at an affordable tuition. Hamilton Heights has one of the lowest tuitions of any accreditted school in the greater Chattanooga area.

Tuition for the 2012 - 2013 academic year will be $4,300.00. Tuition is paid on a 12-month basis at $358.33 per month. Any account that is paid in full before June 15, 2012 will receive a 5% discount on their tuition. The application and re-enrollment fee for the 2013 academic year is $250.00. Students who apply or re-enroll before February 29, 2012, will receive a $50.00 discount on their application fee. Application fees are non-refundable unless the school declines enrollment to an applicant.

Any applicant that is accepted for enrollment is considered a student at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy and is responsible for all tuition payments when due, as long as they are official enrolled. Students who decide not to attend Hamilton Heights after acceptance will be considered enrolled until an official withdrawal form is signed by the parent(s) and the administration of the school.

Due to the low tuition, Hamilton Heights does not offer any scholarships.


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