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Every year, all of our underclassmen (grades 9 - 11) take the nationally recognized Stanford 10 Achievement Test.  This multiple-choice assessment features a new Bible Assessment Subtest. 

The Stanford Achievement Test Series offers a state-of-the-art evaluation edition to measure student progress toward high academic standards.  This assessement enables us to find out what students know and are able to do.

This technically excellent instrument provides the valid and reliable tool needed for objective measurement of achievement. Administrators will receive reliable data to evaluate progress toward meeting content standards as well as high expectations.

Teachers are then empowered to identify and help children who are at risk of being left behind. Parents will understand what their children know and can do, and how to help them.

Standards connections

• State academic standards
• International Reading Association (IRA) and National Council of Teachers of  
   English (NCTE) standards
• National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
• National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
• Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
• National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) standards
• Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
• Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

Classic features of Stanford 10
• Technical excellence: valid and reliable information
• Grade-appropriate content
• Easy-hard-easy question format
• Materials to support interpretation, instruction, and parent communication
• Assessment of higher-level thinking
• Reports to monitor progress toward high expectations
• Data to disaggregate results

Features unique to the Stanford 10
• Latest norms (2002)
• Full color
• Student-friendly navigation
• ACSI bias review and analysis
• Reports simplified for utility and color-enhanced for readability
• Untimed testing format

Upcoming Events

Test Emergency Broadcast System

Sep 22, 2014
01:00 - 01:05

Fall Break

Oct 09, 2014
- Oct 10, 2014

End of 1st Grading Period

Oct 17, 2014

Report Card Grades Due In Office

Oct 20, 2014

Beginning of 2nd Grading Period

Oct 20, 2014

1st Quarter Report Cards Released

Oct 22, 2014

PTO Meetings (1/2 Day of School

Oct 24, 2014
12:00 - 02:50

Progress Report Grades Due In office

Nov 21, 2014

Progress Reports Released

Nov 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

Nov 26, 2014
- Nov 28, 2014