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The Dual Enrollment program is a cooperative effort between Hamilton Heights Christian Academy and Chattanooga State Technical Community College (CSTCC) that enables academically advanced students the opportunity to obtain a head start toward their college careers while simultaneously obtaining high school credits necessary for graduation.  Upon graduation from high school, students who participate in the program have historically earned between 12 and 50 hours of college credits.  Courses taken at Chattanooga State count both as college level credits and high school credits.  Any sophomore, junior, or senior high school student who has a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA and a composite score of 19 or above on the ACT (American College Test) exam are eligible for participation of the Dual Enrollment program.

Tuition for classes taken at Chattanooga State is established by CSTCC and all financial obligations for dually enrolled classes are between CSTCC and the parents.  HHCA does not provide a tuition break for students participating in joint enrollment classes, with the exception of seniors who are taking all their class work at CSTCC.  See the Administrator for policies concerning these seniors.  It should be understood that dual enrollment is a privilege and not a right.  The final choice to participate in dual enrollment involves additional finances.  Should a student or parent choose not to participate in dual enrollment, HHCA will provide the appropriate class work for the student. 

The administration of HHCA reserves the right to make the final decision concerning a student’s participation in the Dual Enrollment program.

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