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Before applying, read the Philosophy of Education, Statement of Cooperation, and Standard of Conduct Code carefully to determine whether Hamilton Heights Christian Academy offers the type of education you want for your child.

Fill out the Application for Admission form and return it to the school office, complete with the $200.00 application fee, the signed Statement of Cooperation, and the signed Standard of Conduct Code (the application fee is non-refundable unless the administration at Hamilton Heights does not consider the applicant a proper match for our institution).

The following must be presented on or before the first day of classes for the student at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.

Completed application.

Proof of residency if foreign born.

Copy of current report card for our file.

Academic Evaluation given to child's current school official to be sent to our School Office before the first day of school.

Standard of Conduct Code must be signed by student and parent.

Statement of Cooperation must be signed by BOTH parents or guardians.

Payment of the application fee ($200.00) and the activities fee ($200.00).

An Immunization Record Form with proof of 2nd MMR must be submitted before the student may attend classes.

A Pastoral Evaluation Form must be submitted unless said form is waived by the Administrator

After current student re-enrollment has been completed (by the end of February), the administration assesses the number of students in each grade and then makes a determination of how many new students will be taken for the new year.

Information is sent to those making inquiry of the school and interviews are set up.  During interviews, the administrator meets with the parents and the student, outlining procedures for registration and enrollment.  Parents must present the student's most recent report card.  Parents must complete and sign an application which includes references from the student’s former school.  

After the interview, the administrator will go over the information and contact the former school to determine if Hamilton Heights Christian Academy is in a position to help each of the students.  

Academic testing for entrance into Hamilton Heights is not required, since our experience has been that students coming from a larger school environment often do better in a smaller environment.

As a general rule, Hamilton Heights does not accept students who present with extreme learning disabilities or whose IQ is under 70.  The principal or administrator may over-ride this rule, but an IEP (individual education program) must be developed for any student who meets these conditions.

New students are generally not accepted into the senior class of Hamilton Heights Christian Academy except under unusual circumstances and then a decision will be made by the administration. 

Notification procedures are as follows:

Parents will be notified by mail within three weeks of the submission of the application whether or not the student has been accepted.

Information regarding registration procedures will be given at that time.

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