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A parent or parents must desire to cooperate fully with the school in helping to develop their child academically, spiritually, mentally and physically.

We are seeking students who exhibit the following:

The student is capable of academic success at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy as indicated by school records and standardized test results.

The student has been promoted the preceding school year or the parents are willing to have him/her repeat, if deemed necessary by Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.

The student has a sufficiently positive record of discipline and emotional adjustment to school to insure adjustment at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.

The student who has a desire to grow spiritually or whose parents have a desire for their child to grow spiritually.

All new students who enter Hamilton Heights Christian Academy will be accepted on a nine-weeks probationary period.  Students who are unable to adjust in our academic program will be asked to withdraw.

Students who have been expelled from another school within the past three years will not be admitted to Hamilton Heights Christian Academy.  The Administrator may make exemptions to this rule in extreme and unusual circumstances, but there must be clear evidence that the student’s behavior has changed, the incident was isolated, a sufficient period of time has expired to indicate no continuation of the problem, and there must be strong personal affirmation from pastors and teachers in support of the student.

Hamilton Heights Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of biological sex, age, race, national / ethnic origin, or physical disability.

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